What is BCAR?

Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps (BCAR) is a nonprofit entity, independent of the City of Buffalo, formed to manage downtown Buffalo parking facilities. This plan has been in existence since 1954 and became a reality due to the cooperation of the Downtown Merchants, the Board of Parking and the officials of the City of Buffalo through the office of the Mayor, the Common Council and the office of the Comptroller.

Parking That’s
About You.

To most people, a parking spot is a parking spot. But look around the next time you’re in downtown Buffalo and you’ll notice a difference in lots and ramps operated by Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps (BCAR).

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BCAR sites are among the most convenient locations to all major downtown Buffalo landmarks, event centers and office centers.


BCAR parking rates, including event parking rates, are still the most reasonably priced parking rates in downtown Buffalo.


We take great pride in ensuring the very best upkeep and maintenance of our properties for our customers and all Buffalo guests.

Benefits of a Civic Auto Ramp


BCAR's governance avoids problems often associated with municipally-run businesses.


Our focus is purely on downtown. BCAR serves only downtown. And our Board is composed of downtown stakeholders.

Low Cost/Efficient

Having a single operator allows for coordinated, consistent downtown parking programs and continuous reinvestment in quality assurance.

And There’s One Major Difference
Above All the Rest.

BCAR is a non-profit organization that reinvests all profits right back into the City of Buffalo’s transportation/parking improvements for you. That’s right! BCAR’s mission is all about you. 

When you choose a BCAR lot or ramp, you’re not only saving money due to our consistently fair rates. You’re also putting your money right back into the City of Buffalo so we can continue to provide quality, convenience and value to you for years to come. 

Our saying, "Better Rates, Better Buffalo," is not just a slogan. It's the way we do business. So spread the word about the BCAR difference. And choose BCAR locations every time you’re downtown for work or play. 

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