Introducing changes to our Part Time Monthly Parker Program

In order to provide as much flexibility to customers as businesses open up on either a full time or hybrid basis, and to maximize utilization, BCAR is introducing a 14 day program as well as our current 10 day program . Rather than use the same rate, a slightly different rate will be charged based on location and number of exits. You can still keep your 24/7 monthly or continue to suspend your monthly until you return downtown. As of April 1, 2022 BCAR will no longer be able to guarantee that your space will be available when you return if demand increases and a waiting list is started. Effective May 1, 2022, BCAR will be offering a 10 exit per calendar month or 14 exit per calendar month program using the monthly's current access card. After the 10th or 14th use, the customer must take a ticket and pay the regular hourly or all-day fee. The special rate will be available to regular monthlies only. Those with Nested or Reserved spots must surrender their reserved spot or nested tag to use the program. Tenants living in apartments downtown are not eligible for the special rate. The program has been a good option for monthly customers while working from home and has had sufficient demand for the board to extend and expand the initiative. The program will be re-evaluated sometime in the future. All those participating will be notified if the program will be cancelled. To enroll, please complete the part time monthly parker application form and email ( or fax (716-849-0242) to BCAR before the 26th of the month prior to the month you wish to begin the program. Payments for this program will be by recurring credit card or direct debit only. The monthly fee will be charged to the customers account on the 1st business day of each month. BCAR reserves the right to modify this program with 30 days notice. If you are a new BCAR customer and wish to enroll in either of these options, you will need to bring a monthly parking application, part time monthly parker application, a check, money order or bank draft for the parking fee plus a $20 access card deposit and the auto payment form for future monthly payments. All forms may be found at the bottom of the homepage on BCAR's website. The office is open 9:00am-4:30pm. Monday-Friday. All new monthlies are sold the last two business days of each month for the following month. The new rates for the 10 exit program and 14 exit program are listed below: Adam- 10 exit $52 14 exit $73 Mohawk 10 exit $57 14 exit $79 Turner 10 exit $59 14 exit $83 Augspurger 10 exit $58 14 exit $81 Fernbach 10 exit $63 14 exit $88

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